"Brentfield successfully tendered to design and run a development centre for the Planning Inspectorate. The project had to be delivered in a short time scale, funds were available for a limited period of time. Brentfield were very flexible in their approach, 50% of our workforce are home based professionals (Planning Inspectors), the other half are based in our HQ in Bristol and are mainly administrative. Brentfield were able to arrange interviews with a wide range of staff to cause the minimum of disruption. One of the more unique features of the final design for our development centre was that it could ëfití all grades, with only minor ëtweakingí of some of the content. Although this was one of the attractions in choosing Brentfield, we were initially dubious that this was possible. However, we have run Centres for the last 12 months or so for the full range of grades from Senior Civil Service to junior administrative grades and we are very pleased to find that this is the case. Brentfield have continued to assist in the running of the Development Centres and in training internal observers - again their flexible and co-operative approach has been most helpful. Feedback from all participants has been very good - mostly expressing their enjoyment at a challenging experience that has allowed them develop greater confidence and/or to discover new areas for development. Brentfield also designed and assisted in a recent assessment centre for our senior managers and have been involved in 360-degree appraisal and coaching sessions for senior managers. I am happy to recommend Brentfield to you and if you wish to contact me can speak/e mail you and confirm this reference."
Marie Emler
(Human Resources: The Planning Inspectorate)

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