The 'Monday Morning' In-Tray Exercise (Administrator to Manager Level)

The In-tray exercise simulates some of the key features of job related behaviour that most managers have to carry out as part of their day-to-day job. The In-tray exercise contains letters, memos and items of background information about a particular job role. Applicants are given a series of tasks to complete in a set time frame. This exercise is especially designed to provide a practical opportunity for the participants to demonstrate their ability in the following competencies

  • Planning & Organisation - (Allocates resources (people, time and physical) appropriately, understands difference between importance and urgency. Uses and balances all available information)
  • Management & Problem Solving - (Makes good decisions, is flexible, sensibly allocates resources, goal-focused has courage to disagree, takes appropriate risks, uses opportunities to develop and support others. Maintains standards and gives direct and useful feedback).
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness - (Understands others' perspective, supportive, works collaboratively, maintains positive attitude, optimism and enthusiasm and conveys it to others, appropriately assertive and tenacious, persuasive, influential)
  • Administrative Skills - (Good basic levels of accuracy, identifies errors or flaws)

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