• Equality of Opportunity and Diversity Expertise- ensures that our products are equally appropriate to the wide range of people who might use them. To ensure we meet quality standards our products routinely scrutinised by diversity panels and independent equal opportunities experts.
  • Cost effective solutions – For maximum ease and cost effectiveness many of these tools are available to use on-line.
  • Efficient: Our online and highly confidential process is user friendly and eliminates administrative workload
  • Flexible: many of Brentfield’s products can be redesigned to offer bespoke organisational tools
  • Try Before You Buy - We also offer the opportunity for clients to try before you buy
  • Academic Expertise: and commercial experience is applied to maximise the effectiveness of the questions and to validate underlying models.
  • Uncomplicated: Every exercise is designed to give the most comprehensive and easily understood interpretation of the results.
  • Support: The individual is not left alone to puzzle out the results. We always work closely with our clients to ensure that participants maximise the information they receive.

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