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To Support and Evaluate a Change Management Programme

An organisation had approximately 350 staff and in the last year they had been through a very messy restructure. The organisation had staff that were exhibiting signs of stress and were highly demoralised. The Executive Board wanted assistance in embedding in the new management changes and developing the new managers as efficiently as possible.

Our approach was to form an open partnership with the organisation. We used approaches from Business Psychology and Knowledge Management, such as the development of Communities of Practice, Knowledge Mapping and Self-directed development that are effective in helping complex organisations to change. All staff were provided an opportunity to comment on the restructure. A system for evaluating the stress levels of the staff within the organisation was developed. Workshops and training on management development are now in place. Methodology was put into place to collect data to evaluate the change management project. Coaching is now used to develop the management team and key staff.

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